Our Story


Founded in 2013, HALOBAND focuses on designing and building the most innovative products for charging cables, screen protectors and more!  All the designs of our products are unique, combining with advanced technology.

Our product vision: simple, durable, worry-free. We seek the strongest and best materials to develop products with ergonomic designs. Our team is based in San Francisco, Shenzhen and Osaka, Japan. Craftsmanship is what we pursue.

HALOBAND won supports from the tech enthusiast since it was established, and also stick to feedback our fans with the excellent productsThe majority of current customers of HALOBAND are distributed in U.S., Europe, Singapore, and South Korea, etc.

Time Line:


USB-A to Lightning Super Cable (gen-2)


USB-C to USB-C Super Cable

USB-C to Lightning Super Cable

JAN 2017

HALOBAND Super Cable ( gen-1)


DEC 2016

HALOBAND™ UltraGuard case launch.


NOV 2016

New gen HALOBAND™ Smart screen protects launch.


JUL 2016

HALOBAND™ Premium lightning to USB cable launch.


APR 2016

HALOBAND™ SmartBack™ Case project starts.


DEC 2015

Promote 2nd generation Halo Backs. Upgrade supply chain.


MAY 2015

HALOBAND™ Smart screen protetor launch on Kickstarter.


NOV 2014

Develop distribution channels in more than ten countries.


FEB 2014

Give speech in Launch Festival@Silicon Valley.


DEC 2013

Haloband smart wristband launch on Kickstarter.


MAR 2013